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Delivering over +$1bn in new business REVENUE for Media, Creative & Advertising Technologies clients.

Client story

The impact of Courageous across this business runs deep and is difficult to dissect. They have been with us shoulder to shoulder for almost a decade through countless new market scopes and launches.

Lee Puri - Co-Founder, MIQ
MIQ Awards

MiQ has won over 60 awards for Technology excellence and Business growth around the world.  These include 9 Sunday Times awards (Profit Track 100/International Track 200) Deloitte´s UK Technology Fast 50, plus  ExchangeWire, Digiday, Campaign, The Stevies, BIMA, DMA, EY and many many others.

Who we are
real people

"At the heart of all valuable businesses are people, not products or processes, but people. Advertising Technologies, Media Owners & Agency Networks look to us to CREATE more direct opportunities to CONNECT them to the right people at companies, so they can fully explore new business potential. For companies to succeed in a hybrid work world WE must re-focus on the ´lost art´ of new business as a keystone to future GROWTH."

Stephen Mitchell - Founder, Courageous

In 2014 we went to New York to help a programmatic unicorn from the UK launch into the most competitive marketplace in the world.  MiQ Digital´s inspired growth story saw them build a $300m a year business in less than 4 years with zero outside investment.  We are very proud to say we supported them on that incredible journey.  Courageous has been launched to help other companies like MiQ win new customers and find sustainable revenues much faster than they have been able to before.

Stephen Mitchell

In 2020 we have seen a resurgence in demand for the ´analogue seller´ as digital transformation accelerates at warp speed around the world. International Track 100 companies rely on us to create new business growth, and represent their solutions in some of their most important markets.  We  believe that companies who invest in the ´lost art´ of new business will accelerate sales cycles, reduce costs and encourage greater value exchange  earlier.  Our work has helped Media, Creative and Advertising Technology companies land over $1bn in sustainable revenues since 2014.

What we do
real results

We are an effective solution to the new growth challenge: direct, stand-alone and market tested. We are able to integrate alongside a strategic sales process, global or regional, anywhere in the world. Leave it to us to DISCOVER more high-value buying points for your business.  Use us to EXPLORE revenue GROWTH potential in new and existing markets. We will put you in front of exactly the right people to assess your SOLUTIONS and the value you provide.

We create

WE are NEW BUSINESS creators, highly skilled communicators and experts at discovering new growth opportunities for ambitious companies. We will champion your business in market and only CONNECT you with people who make real decisions to buy. We will work with you to build a roadmap to SUCCESS that can be deployed anywhere and accelerated  quickly.  

we grow

We are obsessively focused on one thing, creating GROWTH OPPORTUNITIES.  Everything we do is about finding more ways to accelerate time to NEW revenue growth across your STRATEGIC sales process.

we share

Courageous is supporting a new generation of REMOTE, digital native sales teams.  We are working alongside some of the worlds leading sales transformation experts to strengthen your sales process. We believe that your people can be re-trained to be as  effective selling remotely as they are in person. We are helping hybrid sales teams work smarter, be more efficient and generate more revenue at lower cost.

Clients win

Our clients offer innovative media solutions and services that solve big challenges for Advertisers all over the world. We accept the challenge of delivering more new growth opportunities for them, wherever they are.

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Lets find some time to talk about our approach to winning business could help accelerate incremental revenues at this time.

To your continued success.

Stephen Mitchell - Founder


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